Ever since I was 6 years old,

I remember marveling at whatever my Dad was making in his shop on a Saturday morning – cabinets, bookcases, bunkbeds for my brother and me. It didn’t matter what it was – I loved that anything could be made by hand right there. Years went by, and I could often be found in that shop after school, working on some sort of project of my own. When my wife and I bought our first house in Denver, she selflessly allowed me to take over the 2-car garage, where I began accumulating large, cast iron tools of my own.

But there were always strings attached: In return, I’d promise to build a deck. A bookcase. Shelves. A custom fence for the yard. And I loved every minute of it. As my skills and knowledge deepened, I took on more complicated projects, designing and building whatever my imagination would allow.

What you’ll see on the “Gallery” page of this site is just a small sampling of the projects I’ve completed over the years. In the coming months, I’ll be adding new projects – so I hope you’ll come back often to see what I’ve been up to. In the meantime, if there’s something I can design and build for you, please feel free to contact me!


Current Project: Modern fireplace mantel with copper top

Favorite Quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi