A tree is a beautiful, potent being.

We climb them as kids, plant them as adults, and enjoy the changing colors throughout the seasons. Each is a well-documented record of history, with its own unique story to tell.

I consider wood to be a precious commodity, and I take great care in planning every project, to ensure each board is carefully selected for its intended purpose. How a board is cut from a log, its grain orientation, moisture content, and internal stresses are just some of the things I consider when planning a new project. With careful attention up front, likelihood of a beautiful end product is maximized, and the life of the tree is honored.

I like to imagine, and to wonder. Which is why I enjoy wondering if I can build what I imagine. When I’m not immersed in a project, I also enjoy cycling, guitar, banjo, camping in the beautiful canyons of southeastern Utah, and gathering with friends to simply appreciate life.